• Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts graduating with a B.A. in performing arts (1996)
  • B.A. in English literature from Melbourne University (1998)
  • Diploma in New Circus at Christchurch Poly-tech (New Zealand, 1999)
  • Amongst the first intake at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA, Melbourne, Australia)


  • In 2005 Sam began a two-year contract with Circus Royal
  • In 2008 and 2009 Sam performed the role of Master of Ceremonies for the out back spectacular ‘The Horseman From Snowy River,’ performing in every Sports and Entertainment Center in Australia



  • Adelaide Fringe  Various productions:

Best of Fringe Variety


The Pineapple Variety Lounge


  • Klein Fest (Germany)
  • Strussen Kunst Vienna (Austria)
  • Festival Fantastica Germany
  • Street Performers City Spectacular Dublin and Cork (Ireland)
  • Berlin Lacht Alexander Platz (Germany)
  • Velden Flanely festival (Austria)
  • Berlin Lacht Washington Square (Germany)
  • Kunstler Fest (Austria)
  • Landshut festival (Germany


  • Berlin Lacht (Berlin Germany)
  • Edmonton Fringe (Canada)
  • Glastonbury (UK)
  • Pilzen Bukers Festival (Czech Republic)
  • Cricklade Festival (UK)
  • Velden Street Festival (Austria)


  • Berlin Lacht (Berlin Germany)
  • Murrenchalk (Germany)
  • Vancouver International Street Fair (Canada)
  • Winchester Hat Fair (UK)
  • Velden Street Festival (Austria)


  • I had another baby. And my wife had to go straight back to work as a lawyer. That kept me quite busy.
  • Did allot of laundry, changed allot of nappies.
  • Overzande straat  Festival (Netherlands)
  • Winchester Hat Fair (UK)
  • Landshut Straat festival (Germany)
  • Edmonton Fringe (Canada)
  • Velden Street Festival (Austria)
  • Murrenchalk  (Austria)


  • Nurenberg and Wurzberg Strasse festival (Germany)
  • Kingston Buskers Rendezvous (Kingston, Canada)
  • Belgium Open Air Museum (Belgium)
  • Linz Spektakle (Linz, Austria)
  • Villach Strasse Festival (Villach, Austria)
  • Velden Flaniermeile (Velden, Austria)
  • Puck Fair (Kerry county, Ireland)


  • C’est is Best (Croatia)
  • Frankenberg Fair (Frankenberg, Germany)
  • Linz Spektakle (Linz, Austria)
  • Nurenberg and Wurzburg Strasse Festival (Nurenberg and Wurzberg, Germany)
  • Villach Strasse Festival (Villach, Austria)
  • Bruck an der Mur buskers (Austria)
  • Berlin Lacht Festival (Berlin Germany)

Cruise Ships

  • Sam has been a regular performer on the P&O cruise line, performing as a regular guest entertainer and as part of the Comedy Wave Festival along side Tom Gleeson and Mikey Robins.
  • Sam has also worked other cruise lines including Princess Royal Caribbean and Holland America


  • In 2004 Sam performed the role of Pino Abrozetti in the co-production of Hothouse Theatre and the Melbourne Theatre Company’s ‘Second Childhood’
  • In 2007 Sam appeared along side Magda Sabanzki in the Melbourne Theatre production of ‘The Mad Woman of Chaiott’
  • Sam has also performed in productions of ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’


  • Kingston Buskers Rendezvous Grand Finale (2013)
  • European Outdoor Entertainer of the Year
  • Sam was also nominated for the Scotsman Award at the Edinburgh Festival

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