The Proven Path to Doing Unique and Meaningful Work. ‘The Helsinki Bus Station Theory’

This blog post is for my fellow performers. Not necessarily for the people that book me. And it’s not actually my blog post I’m reposting some one else’s theory that fascinated me.

The Proven Path to Doing Unique and Meaningful Work

I think I’ve mostly followed this method, with exception of getting off and on the bus to have a family. I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to make my path a whole lot more meaningful and unique. But i don’t know. I’d love to hear what you think?

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Have a Magnificent Mongrel of a Holiday Season

Last night my wife took me on a date to listen to the wise words of my favourite author Jeanette Winterson.

The event was at Shakespeare and company. A place steeped in literary history, yet so intimate and homely.

A business that has seen the monumental publishing of James Joyce’s Ulysses by Sylvia Beach. To the healing of Jeanette’s broken heart and chest infection by Sylvia Whitman  and her father George, as Jeanette so generously shared.

She spoke of the history of the season, and it’s evolution into what we see today. From it’s pagan origins as a winter solstice festival of fecundity celebrating the coming of the sun, to the rebranding of Santa from green to red by a certain soft-drink company. Not to mention all those jaunty Christmas songs like ‘White Chritmas’ written predominantly by Jews.

My wife and I walked home through the Paris streets filled with dazzling Christmas lights with the smell of mulled wine and it’s rosy cheeked drinkers celebrating what has popularly evolved into the consumerist festival of landfill with which we are all to familiar. My wife made the observation that it’s the mongrel of all festivals borrowing bits and bobs from all cultures and times.

For us Jeanette’s take home message was that we can make the holiday what ever we want.

For us it was to not to get bogged down in the trappings  of the holiday, but the not always so simple gift of bravely giving unconditional love.

I’m not the preachy type. You celebrate the holiday in anyway you see fit, sacrifice a goat,  buy a kid a toy gun, eat a large bird. A lot of my friends and family will be donating here.

On a lighter note.

Happy Holidays

All My Love Mr Fish

I’d like to introduce you to Centquatre Paris

With my new found vigour to brush up on my skills and learn some new ones I discovered the training space of my dreams.

The French really know how to support the arts  and Centquatre is the perfect example. Free to all artists. It’s an enormous space the size of a grand old train station. Everywhere you look there is inspiration dedication but thankfully it lacks the odour of perspiration. The space is immaculate and professional, no smelly fire hippies here.

Centquatre is dedicated to all art forms from classical dance, theatre, circus and some of the best break dancers I have ever seen. Your just as likely to find someone reciting Shakespeare as balancing on their head.

My son Fox fell asleep while I was training.

This place has everything a performer could desire, from a play area for kids to wood fired pizzas and most importantly a bar that gives you the caffein hit when the training gets hard and yummy Belgian beer when the training is over.

I am a tad concerned that getting back into shape in a country where the national cuisine consists primarily of white bread, cheese and wine may be an uphill battle, but I shall persevere.

If your not a performer it’s a great day out for a punter. You can watch professional artists hone their craft or take in an exhibition at the gallery, yes it even has an art gallery; not to mention a theatre and a book shop, specialising in books on the arts. Check it out at:

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For the last few years my priorities have been with raising my two little boys, Buster and Fox. My wife, the ever so impressive international lawyer working for the U.N., has been flat out being terribly impressive.

This is her looking glamorous with the Director General of UNESCO.

I on the other hand have been far less glamorous, changing a lot of nappies and doing a lot of dishes.

I know what your thinking, ‘the lives of these guys would make the best sitcom.’

Don’t get me wrong, spending this amount of time with my two beautiful boys has made me the happiest and luckiest dad in the world.

But this week my youngest is starting creche so I have nothing better to do than again focus on my career. I’m actually pretty excited about this for two reasons.

The first, my little boy is walking, talking, toilet trained and ready to spend time socialising.

And two whilst parenting is an incredibly rewarding and entertaining job, (my kids are so funny I literally piss my pants every day). It can be isolating. I live in Paris and though I practice every day my French is atrocious. The other day I was walking up Montmartre and told the woman next to me ‘this is a really steep sheep’ (mont, mouton). Then there was the time I was late for the Eurostar and said to the taxi driver to take me to the war. (guerre, gare). So as an anglophone making friends has been tricky.

To cut a long story short, I’m looking forward to becoming part of my industry again. Training, being inspired, learning new skills, creating new routines and maybe even a spot of  drinking with some of the funniest maddest people I know, the street performers, cabaret artists, circus artists, my old mates from the cruise ships and festival directors, I’ve missed you all.

All My Love The Amazing Mr Fish

P.S. This is the new website:

P.P.S. I’m back bitches