I am Alexander Calder

Hello my lovelies. I can’t believe we’re a month into 2017 and this is my first blog.

I blame Trump induced depression for my tardiness.

My personal home remedy has been drastically reducing my time spent on social media and a healthy dose of antidepressants, please consult your G.P. for the latter.


Apart from my brief bout of T.I.D. Twenty seventeen has been going great guns. My new year’s resolution was to say ‘yes’ more often.  This began by being stopped in the street and asked whether I would like to be a model.

As this is Paris, a mecca for beauty, style and good taste I considered my discovery as a model well overdue.

Apparently I bare a striking resemblance to the famous sculpture Alexander Calder. Please feel free to wiki him, I also had no idea who he was. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Calder

I was of the opinion that modeling consisted of two basic skill sets, looking disinterested and wearing clothes. Little was I to know that there was a third.

Not only did I have to juggle these two near impossible tasks but I also had to do so whilst appearing slender.

Impossible you say? Like a true professional I took it in my stride.


The project was really exciting, the artist Yonatan Vinitsky https://www.artsy.net/artist/yonatan-vinitsky , had been granted access to Calder’s home and studio, two incredible spaces 150km outside of Paris. I was to portray Calder but in a contemporary setting complete with iphone and electric razor.


The culmination of the project will be a book.

And as they say a picture tells a thousand words, so I leave the rest in the capable hands of the artist.



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