I’d like to introduce you to Centquatre Paris

With my new found vigour to brush up on my skills and learn some new ones I discovered the training space of my dreams.

The French really know how to support the arts  and Centquatre is the perfect example. Free to all artists. It’s an enormous space the size of a grand old train station. Everywhere you look there is inspiration dedication but thankfully it lacks the odour of perspiration. The space is immaculate and professional, no smelly fire hippies here.

Centquatre is dedicated to all art forms from classical dance, theatre, circus and some of the best break dancers I have ever seen. Your just as likely to find someone reciting Shakespeare as balancing on their head.

My son Fox fell asleep while I was training.

This place has everything a performer could desire, from a play area for kids to wood fired pizzas and most importantly a bar that gives you the caffein hit when the training gets hard and yummy Belgian beer when the training is over.

I am a tad concerned that getting back into shape in a country where the national cuisine consists primarily of white bread, cheese and wine may be an uphill battle, but I shall persevere.

If your not a performer it’s a great day out for a punter. You can watch professional artists hone their craft or take in an exhibition at the gallery, yes it even has an art gallery; not to mention a theatre and a book shop, specialising in books on the arts. Check it out at:


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