Oh the places we’ll go!

A little update my darling afishionados.

The season got off  to a rather rocky start missing my first two festivals, turning yellow and spending a week in hospital somewhere in hibilly Germany.

I’ll go further into that at a later date.

Fortunately I bounced back faster than a greased cat and arrived at

Festival Fantastica full of beans and some lentils.

And what fun we had. The people of Freistadt sure know how to put on a show.


Huge thanks to Bianca Mayer, Stefan Straßburger, Rebekka Preining and Tom Ploner.


My next port of call was The Layla Healthcare City Spectacular.

This also coincided with my birthday and, a visit to the Guinness factory and the new found knowledge that Irish single malt whisky can hold it’s own against Scotch. Needless to say I’m still feeling the pangs of my birthday hangover. Huge thanks to Shell, Aisling, Vicky and the countless others who made this massive event possible.

To get an idea of the size of the crowds check this out. Some where I am in there I promise. A serious where’s Wally/Waldo moment.

And to get a taste of the fun we had.


And the best news is the season is just beginning.

Tomorrow I’m heading to one of my favourite festivals on the circuit. This one organically grows out of the cement of Alexanderplatz in the hippest most progressive city in Europe. Thats right boys and girls it’s time for Berlin Lacht!



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